The Pregnancy-related Anxiety Project
An Australian research project aimed at bringing greater understanding to this anxiety type. 

Our Research. 

We have now completed all the current stages of this project. This includes  the development of the Pregnancy-related Anxiety Scale, a screening scale for pregnancy-related anxiety.  
Subsequent to this we completed extensive validation of the scale including rasch analysis and concurrent and criterion-related validity.

We are presently preparing our results for publication and are hopeful of recommencing further studies in 2018.

​​In 2014 we completed a systematic review on current pregnancy-related anxiety scales.
Using a predetermined search criteria  17 scales were identified  and critically assessed.
Of these 17, none demonstrated sound theoretical and psychometric properties in relation to Pregnancy-related Anxiety. Therefore the need for the development and validation of such a scale was identified.  
The review is published in the Journal of Affective Disorders. For further details click here.  

Our digital poster presentation of our systematic review, presented at the Australian Psychological Society's annual conference, September 2015.