The Pregnancy-related Anxiety Project
An Australian research project aimed at bringing greater understanding to this anxiety type. 

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Research Particpation
Current status of survey: CLOSED
Pregnancy-related Anxiety is not a widely recognised anxiety type but potentially may affect many pregnant women. Pregnancy-related Anxiety has been associated with many negative outcomes including preterm birth and physical defects in the child and increased nausea and substance abuse in mothers. Furthermore, it has been identified as a significant predictor of postnatal depression. These negative outcomes demonstrate the need for greater understanding. 

We do not have any current research projects open. We would like to thank all the wonderful ladies who have already participated so far and we will continue to analyse and publish our data. 
Our Research
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Please access the link below to find our more about our past and current research. 
Pregnancy-related Anxiety, in fact any anxiety type can affect pregnant women. If you currently need help or support please seek professional help. If you are unable to contact your medical practitioner we have provided some helpful links below. 
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